Radical Roots Cuisine is committed to providing healthy organic raw meals to people in the community. We hope to feed the masses delicious, high quality food, through an alternative eating style.

Our passion lies in food and education. We care not only about the end product on your plate, but also about where that food came from, how it was grown, and how the people who grew it are treated. Along with providing amazing food we offer educational outreach through various classes, in order to increase public knowledge of raw food, health, vitality, and organic growing methods. We strive to run a business that helps build a sense of community and provides a service to those people, while expanding the diversity in the growing area of Reno, Nevada.

It is our goal to operate a sustainable business, that supports the environment as well as local organic farmers. It’s the little things that matter; we never package food in plastic or Styrofoam wrappers, we only serve filtered water, we use natural cleaners, and either compost our scraps or send them to be eaten by farm animals. We make good choices in order to help you rest assured that your money is supporting a business with a social and environmental consciousness.